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Everyone has the
right to ‘Easy Read’
accessible information.

Symbols for Life™ makes information easier for people
with developmental
disabilities to understand.

Symbols for Life™
is a USB flash drive which stores over 2,500 specifically designed photo-
graphs and symbols.

The symbols and photographs have
been specifically designed for people with developmental disabilities.
They are:

• Appropriate for
adults, relating to
the key elements
of peoples lives.

• Clear and realistic representations of objects, places
and emotions.

• Digitally cropped
and edited to
maximize their
clarity and impact.

Accessible information empowers people.
The result is true inclusion!

Your service can
use the symbols
to support any
type of document, including:

• Person-centered plans
• Your website
• Schedules
• Guidelines
• Risk assessments
• Contracts
• Newsletters
• ...and much more